Fun with Design and Composition

February 12 and 13

Are you feeling like you need more design knowledge to improve your quilts into ribbon winning show pieces that really catch the judge's eye? Do you sometimes feel that your compositions need help or more pizzazz? If so, these classes may be just what you need to enhance your design skills.

Spend 2 days with Janett Rice and her partner Linda Oszajca learning how to apply the elements and principles of design and color to bring your design skills to another level. Learn the fundamentals as they are taught in college, but in a fun, accessible approach geared to art quilters.

In this 2-day workshop, students will learn about the building blocks of good design and color and will apply this information in fun, guided exercises. This workshop will make sense of many design terms you have heard but have not been sure how to apply when designing your own fiber art.

Sew First - Design Last: A Versatile Approach to Design Abstraction

February 27 and March 5

This fun new approach to creating abstract quilts is actually a systematic process that can be used in a variety of ways. Simple sewing techniques are used to make segments that are then assembled into an abstract beauty that reflects your own unique personality.

A unique piece of fabric (possibly a quilt top) will be stitched in class which can later be used to create a wall hanging, tote bag, table runner, garment, pillow cover, etc.

Exploring Embellishments 101 aka Creative Components

April 30

Exploring Embellishments 101 is a fun, exciting embellishment buffet where students sample a variety of materials and techniques. You will be surprised and inspired by the new ways you will learn to use classic surface design techniques and unconventional materials to add stand-out elements to your fiber art. You will learn to work with unusual materials, and will sample techniques that often take multiple workshops to learn.

Whether you work in traditional or contemporary style, by hand or by machine, use patterns or your own designs, this workshop can teach you how to add that unique embellishment to bring a fiber creation to life. Multiple techniques included in the workshop include painting Tyvek, Lutradur, and Misty Fuse. Also explored is the use of Mylar, Paintstiks and Angelina Fibers. The goal of this workshop is to develop embellishment samples you can use as reference for all your future projects.

Exploring Embellishments 102 aka Using Those Creative Components

May 27 and 28

Discover how to actually apply, with confidence, the basic materials introduced in Exploring Embellishments 101. Using the techniques from Exploring Embellishment 101 along with a couple new methods taught in Exploring Embellishments 102, you will create an original art quilt with the guidance of Janett and her partner Linda Oszajca. You will be surprised and delighted at what you can accomplish.

Many of these techniques and materials are particularly suitable to create faux landscape details including a variety of realistic trees, plants, rock formations, water, light reflections and sky using methods that were just introduced in Exploring Embellishments 101. Additional emphasis will be placed on artistic composition. Our goal is to have you leave class with a completed top to be finished at your leisure.
Let's Finish Those UFOs

June 10, November 11, December 9

Are you stuck, or in the middle of an artistic block? Do you need some feedback or encouragement to get out of a rut or to encourage you to try a new technique? Are you looking for advice on how to finish a project? Or perhaps you just want to get started on a new project and don't know where to begin. Then this is the session for you. Bring your project, your tools, your supplies and let Janett and Linda help you over that rough spot.

Fabulous Foiling Techniques

June 25

Dress up those projects with some shiny new foil. Foil can add glitz and glamour. Janett will teach you techniques that make it easy to apply. Three methods of applying foil will be practiced in class: fusing, gluing and sprinkling...and then there is a bonus method as we play with foil from delicious chocolate candies like Godiva, Dove, or even Hershey Kisses. So plan ahead, enjoy your chocolate and save those foil wrappers for class in June.

A kit will be provided.

Sewing with Specialty Threads

July 30

Make your creations glisten and gleam with metallic threads such as Razzle Dazzle, Candlelight, Shimmer, Halo, etc. Janett teaches three different techniques, including bobbin drawing, couching and hand embroidering using these unique products. In this workshop, you will create a series of small stitch samplers. You are also encouraged to bring an existing project to discuss the use of this metallic specialty thread to enhance and add sparkle to your vision.

Unleash Your Creativity

August 26 and 27

Does your creativity need a boost? Do you want to be more innovative on your fiber art journey? Join Janett and Linda in a two-day workshop designed to jump start your creative juices. The first day you will complete an eye-opening series of guided exercises designed to unleash your inner artist.

No matter what your background, these exercises will help you express abstract concepts and understand how to convert your ideas into graphic images. Your new ideas will be put into practice on the second day as you apply what you learned on Day 1.

Printing Nature: Leaf Printing and Color-Wash

September 30

When creating original fiber art we are occasionally inspired to include actual plants or silhouettes of plants into our compositions. Sometimes a leaf or blossom can be a memento of a special occasion or event. You will be introduced to a fun way of printing with nature to enhance and personalize any fiber art.

This workshop will include two classic artistic techniques; leaf printing and creating a color wash using acrylic paints on fabric. You will bring actual leaves (not silk leaves) from your yard, garden, or a nearby park and use them to create an original composition on the color washed fabric you create. The fabric will be color washed and painted to create an appealing blend of colors specific to your composition. If desired, you can create a small quilt top with these techniques that is ready to enhance and stitch at home or make a variety of backgrounds to include in future art quilts.

Creating with Curves and Circles

October 28

Cringing about sewing curves and circles? This workshop is the perfect place to master sewing curves and circles with techniques that are surprisingly easy to learn. Let's face it, doing anything with circles and curves is difficult whether it be drawing a circle, cutting a circle or sewing one. Sewing graceful circles and curves seems to take a lot of skill and can be very easy to mess up. Yet the addition of curves and circles can soften the look of an artistic creation and add liveliness.

Both traditional and art quilters often avoid this challenge by using only straight seams; even to the extreme of creating curves with a series of straight lines or shapes. This could just be avoidance, or because the artist has not yet mastered the skill of sewing a curved line or a circle. This workshop takes away your hesitancy and will teach you two methods of making circles, as well as a remarkably easy technique for sewing curved strips.

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