As a Teacher – Having started as a public school teacher in my first career, my talents and interests have evolved through experiences acquired as a university professor, a corporate quality manager in the apparel industry, a corporate director of quality assurance in two major retail companies and then glorious retirement. By choice, I now am again a teacher who loves to share ideas, share techniques and guide students. Seeing beginning artists try new techniques and developing their own styles is a thing of beauty. Being a small part of that process is ever so rewarding.

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As an Artist – In my work as an artist I have explored many techniques over the years. I currently favor using commercial fabrics as a base but usually change their identity with layers of paint and a multitude of small embellishment items. I am a process person and work spontaneously. Each piece has a story to tell and often it ends up telling a different story than the one that started it.

Being concerned for our environment I often repurpose common household disposables in my work. Students sometimes accuse me of changing their lives because once exposed to new uses for disposable items, they now can't throw anything away.

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