I am newly retired from the corporate world and am now pursuing my dream of devoting full time to my creative efforts. Embellished fiber is my choice of mediums. Whether working in two dimensions or three, fiber is fun and flexible.

My work is primarily abstract and geometric with an occasional realistic effort thrown into the mix. I sometimes paint or discharge my own fabrics but mainly I use commercially available batiks and hand-dyed fabrics.

Inspiration for my work comes from everywhere and everything around me. Some pieces were inspired by major news events while others were inspired by my own pain or the pain of a friend. Some were merely explorations of a technique or new process. No matter what the inspiration was, each piece was a joy to create.

Embellishment is my number one passion. Adding embellishment gives the fiber work more character and adds unique textural interest. Buttons, beads, yarns, ribbons, glitter, foil, sticks, stones, shells, straws, etc.; anything and everything recyclable will soon find its way to one or more of my pieces.

Teaching and sharing knowledge is another passion. I taught professionally for about 10 years before entering the corporate world. I now am returning to the teaching world and have the great privilege of sharing knowledge about things I love (fabric and embellishments) with people who also love the same things. I have been blessed with the ability to uncover hidden talents in people who think they are not creative. In my classes students produce end products that surprise themselves. They venture out of their comfort zones and take home original art work to admire and share with friends and family.

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