• Twelve by Twelves

    Each of these pieces measures 12” x 12”. They were primarily created in response to group challenges or used for teaching purposes. Click on an image to see larger view with details.

  • Newest Works

    An accidental discovery of “over painting” an unsatisfactory piece lead to an exciting new process. Each of the pieces in this section was created using typical art quilting procedures but then was given a new, unique personality through the use of various layers of paint.

  • Liturgical Stoles

    Both of these Advent stoles were commission pieces. The first one, Rev. Helen’s, was commissioned by her husband as a surprise birthday gift. The second one, Rev. Victoria’s, was commissioned after Victoria saw Helen’s stole at an art exhibit. Both stoles are full of symbolism and emotion.

  • Inspired by Nature

    Each of these pieces was inspired by a different aspect of the world around us. Some pieces are large while some are small. Some pieces are bright while some are subdued. Some pieces are realistic while some are abstract. The variety of inspiration provided by nature is infinite.

  • Fabric Collages

    The fabric collage series began as a way to use fabric scraps and evolved into a unique technique that has been taught in workshops several times. All pieces are backed with a stiff substance that allows the fabric to remain pointed and upright without going limp or droopy over time.

  • Harry Potter

    The Harry Potter series began as a challenge to create a single piece inspired by a children’s book. It got a little out of hand and over time encompassed the entire Harry Potter book series. Each piece features one of the books in the series, a scene from the story and a quote representing that scene. On the back of each fabric page the quote is repeated and full credit given to JK Rowling.

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